برزنتيشن عن The English – هام للطلاب الجامعيين 

مناهج عربية

برزنتيشن عن The English – هام للطلاب الجامعيين

برزنتيشن عن The English – هام للطلاب الجامعيين

مناهج عربية

برزنتيشن عن The English – هام للطلاب الجامعيين

The English
English useful and easy life. And I love the English , because they help us in many things. Including : If we went to the foreign often tells us to understand and talk with them. English- became the first world and the most widespread in the world. And-English of science and scientific research. And a lot of things. There is also a lot of interest for the English is :-a reply to the campaigns of distortion through the use of . B-refute misconceptions and misperceptions about Arabs and Arab-Islamic culture. C-use of the English in the dissemination of the Islamic religion and Arab-Islamic culture. Finally d learning English helps in raising a good citizen who defends the values and is of the nation, and religion.

Shopping important thing for me because I love shopping and going to parks and pools. Not all markets I love, but some of the more something is : marinas financed and east. All the people who prefer shopping in order to enjoy the holiday and change the atmosphere. And I like to go to the market even bought some of the things such as : shoe-bags – Scharfe Many of the things. Finally shopping makes flexible spirit and sports.

There are many s and many in the world, including : Arabic, English, French, Chinese , and many s, but we prefer the Arabic , and every human being preferred is distinctive and I am the Arabic is the of Islam and the Koran, and all Arab countries speaks Arabic, and Arabic easy for us, and a lot of people learning Arabic say it it is often easy, and every person and every nation with the of choice and learned and learn Arabic like us because we preferred to say. Thank you girls …

Television is agood means of fun and small village.Television plays agreat part in our life.It is the outcome of modern science and tachnology.It has become agood means of communication and interinment.Through television,we get attached.We get attached to the world.It makes the world asmall village,Thanked to television,We can get in touch with to date current events all over the word television has also become a useful educational mesns we use it in scools and universities to make useful programs for ouir students.But television is a double edge weapon.It can waste our time of is misused.It can harm our eyes and skins due to the ultra violet rays it produces it can also show bad and undesirble programs wich are against our valuse and traditions.To use T.V logically and resonanly to get the almost benefil.

UAE. The United States of the Gulf which states that if I went out to enjoy it. UAE and many good people there and many of them good qualities and ornamental objects. Characterized Emirates lute, and they want many things. The people of the State of Kuwait loves Emirates often because there has a beautiful markets and festivals and places of entertainment. Disregarding linked with Kuwait than things, but I can enumerate it many. and I better to go in vacation time.

Nature.Nature beautiful and I like to think that I have this picturesque everywhere. And of course the nature of God is that He bestowed on us. There nature in many places and often see in the beautiful gardens and consists of flowers and the beautiful mountains and enjoy the atmosphere and send our own comfort and reassurance.
street road accidents
Every day we hear about car accidents.People are killed or injuured in thes road accidents.Careless and rash drivers their cars carelessly so they cause accidents.Some irresponsoble drivers and young people drive the car so fast that can’t cantrol thier cars.They don’t resoect traffic rules regulations.Governments should punish these careless drivers severely.

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